Our services


At Eagle Foodservice Equipment & Supplies, we collaborate with our clients to design restaurant’s kitchens to allow for optimal usage. We will draw and mark up designs to provide a preview of what is needed for a restaurant to have smooth operation flows as well as space utilization, and ensure all design is compliance to state food service code.

Custom Made

When working with restaurants, we will do on-site measurements to suggest equipment within the space and give advice on how to organize the space based on our experience with industrial standard and specified tailor to Asian market. With our in- house welding services, we are able to make custom fits for equipment after designed are finalized with our clients.


One Stop shopping is our promise to our clients. Therefore , Eagle Foodservice Equipment & Supplies also provide a complete package to include installation services. Our service is fast and reliable based on the client's available schedule.

Maintenance & Parts

We will provide maintenance for kitchen and restaurant equipment if there is any damages or malfunctions. If there are parts missing or not working properly, we help to repair or order the parts necessary for the equipment to function.

Fire Suppression Systems

Within Eagle Foodservice Equipment & Supplies, we have Eagle Fire Appliances which provides services for fire suppression systems. We provide the following services with Eagle Fire Appliances:

  •  Suppression system inspection needed for every 6 months within restaurants
  •  Extinguisher Services
  •  Repiping of fire suppression systems if needed due to changes in facility layout

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